Purple Flame Aura Quartz Cluster

Lifetime Warranty - $6.95

Reiki and Mantra Infusion - $5.00

Our Purple Flame Aura Quartz Clusters magnify your prayers, intentions, and desires, and purify them.

These are powerful!

Purple Flame Aura Quartz has personally become one of my favorite tools. 

If you start working with one of these clusters, you will understand why. 

This extraordinary, purple variety of quartz is quite challenging to find but well worth the hunt. Each cluster is as beautiful and unique as the next. 

These pieces are reminiscent of enchanted forests, fairy realms, unicorns, and worlds we know exist – but cannot see with our mortal eyes. 

Purple Flame Aura Quartz magnifies all energies. It draws energy to it and holds energy for the bearer. You can program it to hold your sacred intentions. 

Over time, quartz becomes attached to the owner, almost memorizing your needs, desires, and growth. 

These are companion stones, and they are just gorgeous.

Purple Flame Aura Quartz is created when pure solid gold, indium, and occasionally niobium are bonded to clear quartz. 

These pieces, with their iridescent reflection of brilliant rainbows, stimulate both body and spirit through their powerful vibrations. 

It is a gemstone which facilitates communication and connection with Higher Realms, with our guides, and with our past lives. 

Purple Flame Aura Quartz will guide you beyond the Veil, opening the Crown Chakra, to develop and expose a whole new level of psychic and intuitive awareness. 

We use ours in meditation, and they genuinely facilitate intense spirit contact. And, they are magical to look upon.

There are many colors of aura quartz. Purple Flame Aura Quartz, in particular, resonates with the Third-Eye and Crown Chakras. 

Use your Purple Flame Aura Quartz Cluster at the center of your spiritual connection grid or altar. Or hold it in meditation when calling in your guides, or opening the Crown Chakra.

Note: Size and shape of each cluster will vary. Weight of clusters is 85 grams.