Rainbow Moonstone

Lifetime Warranty - $6.95

Reiki and Mantra Infusion - $5.00

Rainbow Moonstone has all the properties of white moonstone, with an extra focus on protection, especially psychic protection and especially while asleep and most vulnerable. It reacts with your light body to help deflect any negativity and allow you to sleep peacefully. Many believe that it is most aligned with nature and extra-worldly consciousness.

Rainbow Moonstone is a magical stone that possesses powerful protective properties and helps its wearer to find their true path in life. It will "bring light" to the otherwise unknown, and thus provide its wearer with insight. Working with Rainbow Moonstone encourages introspection and judgment, yielding easier decision making. It also enhances one's emotional vision, bringing greater creative abilities and freedom of expression. Additionally, Rainbow Moonstone possesses the ability to bring out the positive in people and calm overactive minds, bringing peace to its wearer.

Stone size will vary between 0.5 - 1.25in